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Aquinas on Christ

Learn-It-Yourself Course

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9 Weeks (each Friday, with 3-month access to recorded lectures)

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Sr. Mary Magdalene

Sr. Mary Magdalene is a Dominican sister and founder of the Thomistic Studies program. She has an M.A. in theology and an S.T.L. in Thomistic Studies. She is currently a doctoral candidate at the Pontifical University of St. Thomas (Rome, Italy).

About the course

In this course, we will be deepening our understanding of who Jesus Christ is, with the help of St. Thomas Aquinas. We will discuss the Christological heresies, the Hypostatic Union (one divine Person with two natures, divine and human), and more!


We will read and discuss together some of Aquinas'texts from the Summa Theologiae, contemplating this beautiful, mystery of our faith more deeply.

The course meets online on Fridays at 7:30 pm London time. Students will also have access to recordings of lectures during the course in the event they cannot be present at that time or simply want to review the material.

Course Syllabus
Aquinas on Christ Syllabus table.png
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