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Learn-It-Yourself Courses are self-study courses for busy people who want to continue to grow in their knowledge and love of the truth according to the teachings of St. Thomas Aquinas.

These courses are video recordings of a lecture series which students can follow at their own pace and in their own time. Videos can be viewed multiple times and the documents used are downloadable. No outside reading is required.

Thomistic Studies courses are £40 each (for students £20), which is valid for three months from the start date. Students should send a scanned copy of proof of registration at a university or seminary (or equivalent) to in order to be given instructions on how to receive their special rate.

To see available Learn-It-Yourself Courses, click the button below.

You will be asked to sign up and purchase a Plan for £40 for a three-month membership. For three months, you will have access to 8 recorded lectures, as well as downloadable class notes.

After Church
Woman Praying
People In Church

Aquinas on Faith, Hope, and Charity, available now

Aquinas on the Trinity

available now

Aquinas on Christ
available now

We are just getting started with these lecture series, but more will be available soon.

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